February 2014

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Rene GutteridgeGreetings from the tundra! That’s what we’re calling Oklahoma now.  It’s frigid here, with temperatures predicted to drop below zero this week.  Snow blankets everything—and not the pretty kind of snow that sparkles and glistens. It’s dirty and slushy and is stuck between melting and freezing to treacherous levels.

But you won’t hear me complain.  It’s in winter, when I’m all cooped up and living in heavy sweaters with coffee being intravenously pumped into my system, that I get the most writing done!  And pretty soon, I’ll have another new novel for you!

Before I get to that, though, I just wanted to make sure you caught all three of my new books that released last year.  For you suspense lovers, Misery Loves Company is the tale of a famous but wayward novelist who kidnaps his number one fan.  I describe this as more of a psychological thriller, but trust me when I say, this story may stay with you bloggers for awhile, especially those of you who write book reviews!

Also releasing was Heart of the Country¸ the family drama I wrote with director John Ward, based on his script.  I hope you take time to also see the movie. It’s fantastic! It stars Gerald McRaney and Jana Kramer.  The movie and the book would make a great combo gift for anyone who likes to read and enjoys movies too.  Or maybe just a gift to yourself!

My last release in 2013 was Greetings from the Flipside, my quirky, fun, flipped out romantic comedy I co-wrote with screenwriter Cheryl McKay.  If you enjoyed Never the Bride, this one is for you! You’ll never look at greetings cards the same way again.

Looking ahead, I’ll be releasing another touching family drama called Just 18 Summers, based on a delightful script by Michelle Cox, Torry Martin and Marshal Younger.  If you’ve got kids, grab your tissues and come along for the ride.  Look for this to release this spring, just in time for Mother’s Day.

And down the road, I’m excited to bring to you another project, Old Fashioned, but I’ll wait to give you details when it draws closer.

In other news, my movie SKID is well on its way to being finished.  I don’t envy the drawn out production process that our director is subjected to, but in the end, I know the attention to all the details will be worth it.  In the meantime, I’m patiently waiting in my corner of the world.

For you writers out there, I’ll also be releasing a “how to” book on novelizations that I wrote with my good buddy Cheryl McKay.  If you’ve ever wondered about the process of adapting a movie script into a novel, you’ll want to check this out.  I’ll let you know when it releases.

Otherwise, the rest of my time is being spent with my family.  It’s hard to believe I’ll have a child with a driver’s permit by the end of the year!  How is that possible?  He was just five weeks old when I got the call that I’d sold my first novel.  Twenty-three books later, and he’s growing up before my eyes.  I wrote a little book that deals with that theme—Just 18 Summers, coming soon to a bookstore near youSo I guess, sometimes, I do live what I write!

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