Summer 2014

Dear Reader,

Rene GutteridgeAfter a violent weather pattern last spring of last year, Oklahoma was happy to welcome a milder and more docile one this year. We’ve been joking that we’ve actually had a spring. Normally in Oklahoma, it goes from frigid to three weeks of spring temperatures (which usually results in storms) to blazing hot. We’re happy that our seasons have returned to somewhat normal without any significant severe weather.

This summer for me will consist of working on my first non-fiction book. I can’t release the details yet, but I’m having an interesting time writing it. It’s not so different from fiction except the details are real. The challenge in non-fiction is finding the story within the facts. In that regard, this particular event I’m writing about is coming quite easily. I’ll tell you more about it soon!

In case you’ve missed what’s been happening recently with my writing, my feature film SKID is in post-production! I adapted it from my novel that was a part of the Occupational Hazards series. If you haven’t yet read the book, now’s the time! You’ll have a blast coming along for the ride for the crazy events onboard Atlantica flight 1945 to the Netherlands. Fasten your seatbelts and grab your pretzels…this will be a flight you won’t soon forget. And then you’ll be able to watch all the characters come alive in the movie! If you haven’t liked our Facebook page, come join the fun. Search for Skid movie and you’ll find us there. We’ll have a website up and running soon and you can also find us on IMDB.

My recent book, Just 18 Summers, written with Michelle Cox, has gotten a warm welcome from you, so thank you! I think it’s resonating with many people across this country because of how quickly our time is drained in America, from work hours to tech devices. Focusing on what is important in our lives is the first step to reclaiming our time. I hope you enjoy spending time with the four families of Just 18 Summers (based on the screenplay by Torry Martin and Marshal Younger) as you travel with them on their parenting journeys. You’ll laugh and cry, I am certain!

I’ve also published a writing book, so if you’re a writer, check out Novelizations: Adapting Scripts to Novels, co-written with my writing partner, Cheryl McKay. This book specifically looks at the process of adapting backwards, from script to novel, an ever increasing trend we’re seeing in our industry. If you know how to do this, it will increase your chances of getting a job doing it!

And speaking of novelizations, I’ve got a new one coming out this fall, Old Fashioned, written with director and screenwriter Rik Swartzwelder. It’s a love story that will have you cheering on the idea of traditional courting that our modern society has abandoned. Come get swept away by chivalry!

Thanks, as always, for being loyal readers. I enjoy hearing from you and I’m always thankful that you take the time to write me.

Hope your summer is filled with many wonderful stories—your own, and those that take you to another time or place or world!

Happy reading,


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