Hello Readers!   Recently updated !

Happy spring! Aren’t you glad winter is in our rearview mirror? So what’s new with you? I’m excited to announce this brand new website! Take some time to poke around and see what’s here. If you were familiar with my old website, you know what a major change this is! But I like the brightness of it, and I’ll be able to interact with readers more easily, which is always my goal. Be looking for my new blog: Reel Girl/Novel Life, where I’ll be exploring a lot of different topics that are on my heart and mind. You’ll be able to access it from this website! And please sign up for my newsletter, which will keep you updated on all my projects, books and films.

For readers of my books, my new romantic comedy with Cheryl McKay, Love’s a Stage, is coming in September with Redbud Press. More on that as it nears. And have you read my latest, a romance and novelization of the motion picture Old Fashioned? If you’ve seen the movie, pick up the book—a whole new way to explore a story that I’m sure you’ve come to love. To learn more about the book and movie, visit the website www.oldfashionedmovie.com

For fans of my novel SKID, which was recently made into a movie, please visit our website www.skidmovie.com. We were picked as a featured selection at Sunscreen Film Festival, where we got a standing ovation from the crowd! We’re honored! And we also were accepted into the deadCenter Film Festival.  Check out their website and join us for two screenings of the film in June!

I’m currently in the throes of teaching my firstborn how to drive. How is that possible? Wasn’t he just in diapers and learning to live without his binky? Other exciting news is that we recently installed a storm shelter, the first one we’ve ever owned although we’ve lived in Oklahoma our whole lives! We’re very relieved and thankful to have it!

Thanks for stopping by! Take a look around, and happy reading!