Rene GutteridgeDear Reader,

I am very excited about my upcoming novel, LISTEN. It is my sixteenth, and probably my darkest novel to date.

As you know, I write both comedy and suspense, and I believe both have a place in my writing journey. But several years ago, as I began to ponder this story, I knew it would be something much different than what I’d ever written.

I found within myself a passion for words. Of course, I’ve always had a passion for words. I’m a writer, aren’t I? But it spread from the written word to the spoken word, and I began to see just how much words shape our lives, for the good and the bad.

LISTEN will arrive on store shelves February 1st, and I hope you enjoy it. But more importantly, I hope you are changed by it. I found myself convicted that words are more powerful than I ever imagined, and convinced that we can shape the world for the better by them.

Warmest regards,


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"Gutteridge is an adept and talented writer with a good sense of humor." — Publishers Weekly

Photos of Rene Gutteridge by Gertjan van der Tuuk (The Netherlands)

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