mlc-smDon’t tell me it’s terrifying. Terrify me.

Filled with grief, Jules Belleno rarely leaves the house since her husband’s death while on duty as a police officer. Other than the reviews Jules writes on her blog, she has little contact with the outside world.

But one day when she ventures out to the local grocery store, Jules bumps into a fellow customer . . . and recognizes him as her favorite author, Patrick Reagan. Jules gushes and thoroughly embarrasses herself before Regan graciously talks with her.

And that’s the last thing she remembers—until she wakes up in a strange room with a splitting headache. She’s been kidnapped. And what she discovers will change everything she believed about her husband’s death . . . her career . . . and her faith.


possession-smIn the aftermath of investigating the D.C. sniper case, police detective Vance Graegan is burned out on life and love. Hoping to save his marriage, he quits the force and moves his wife and son to the other side of the country. But when the movers decide to hold his belongings for ransom, Vance is determined to ensure that his family’s new beginning is not ruined. Soon, though, losing his possessions becomes the least of his problems as everything they are fighting for begins to unravel in the hands of Vance’s past. In an unforgettable climax, a little boy’s innocent faith brings a group of desperate people to their knees. What is at stake counts for everything, but nothing can prepare Vance for who is behind it.


listenSomeone is listening…

The quaint, close-knit community of Marlo was the ideal place to live…until someone started posting

private conversations online for everyone to read, word-for-word. Now it’s neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, as careless comments and hurtful accusations turn the town upside down. Violence and paranoia escalate, and the police scramble to find the person responsible before more people get hurt, or even killed.

But what responsibility do the residents of Marlo have for the words they say when they think no one is listening?

“From it’s captivating prologue to its powerful ending, my friend Rene Gutteridge has written an engaging and memorable story. Listen concerns a theme of immeasurable importance to us all.  Don’t miss it!” — Randy Alcorn, author of Safely Home and If God is Good.

“Marlo is a small town in trouble, with a capital T. The premise of Listen is fascinating and the execution tightly crafted. The author’s script-writing skills are evident in the snappy, realistic dialogue, and her talent for suspense keeps the pages turning. From first chapter to last, Listen explores a town’s journey toward redemption with humor, grit, and heart.” — Liz Curtis Higgs, author of Mixed Signals


escapement-smIn each installment of 7 Hours, a character is visited by the enigmatic Thomas Constant, who makes a heart-stopping statement: “You are about to die. But you may choose from one of three options: Live seven more hours, travel back in time and relive seven hours, or accept the inevitable and die now.”

Mattie Bigham has lost his job, is losing his wife, and is not losing any weight. At just under four hundred and fifty pounds, he figures his doctor’s prediction that he’s going to drop dead any second is about to come true. He is right.

When Thomas Constant appears, Mattie chooses murder—to carry out revenge on the bully who tormented him all through school. Except when he arrives for the showdown, he’s shocked to find this man in a scenario not unlike his own. Things get complicated quickly, and time is running out.

The clock is ticking. What will you do with the time you have left?


ghotsSomeone has discovered things about his past he had thought were long forgotten…

For years the “golden boy” of his publishing house, Senior Editor Jonathan Harper finds his life at a crossroads. His 20-year marriage appears to be faltering, fueling a growing

restlessness. At work, his recent projects have been financially disappointing, and his most successful author has gone into retirement. The pressure is on. Jonathan needs to deliver–he needs to prove he’s still got the touch.

When a manila envelope arrives on his desk, no different than the dozens already stacked high, Jonathan thinks little of it. But as he begins to read the opening pages of the manuscript, he discovers it bears an eerie similarity to his own childhood—too similar to pass off as mere fiction. He embarks on  a search for the anonymous author, but his true quest is something much deeper ….